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Kuih Ketayap


– Kapal ABC Brand Tapioca Starch 20g
– Wheat Flour 100g
– Egg (beaten) 1
– Salt ½ tsp
– Coconut Milk 100ml
– Pandan Juice 300ml
Mix all into smooth batter
– Grated Coconut 250g
– Star Brand Jaggery Powder 4 tbsp
– Caster Sugar 3 tbsp
– Water 80ml
– Pandan Leaves (tied into knot) 3 pieces

Cooking Method

  1. Dissolve caster sugar and jaggery powder in water over low heat.

  2. Add pandan leaves. Heat until sugar dissolves.

  3. Add grated coconut. Stir mixture well until dry. Set aside to cool.
  1. Heat pan and grease it with oil.

  2. Pour a scoop of batter onto the heated pan, swirl to spread evenly to form a pancake.

  3. Place the filling on the pancake and wrap into a roll. Ready to serve.

Ingredient Highlights

Cap Bintang Jaggery Powder

A natural sweetener made from concentrated sugarcane juice without preservatives and colourings.
Best for brewing coffee, tea and chocolate drinks, and preparing cakes, kuih, syrup and desserts.

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